Hello Gorgeous!

I'm Yasmin Barroso...

...and I’ve been in the beauty industry since 2014. While I've had the privilege of helping thousands of women feel more beautiful from the inside out, and have been featured in New York Fashion Week, Miami Fashion Week, Vogue Brazil events and many other prestigious events...

I actually got my start in the beauty industry by total accident. 

Being introverted as a teenager, my mother encouraged me to take acting classes. I fell in love with acting and finally, I decided to pursue acting school.

The truth is that back then, these were rough financial times for me, as my acting career was not taking off. As a way to make some money and sustain myself, I started to do makeup. 

As time passed, I started to get happy clients, the word started to spread around and without realizing, I became the owner of a make-up business.


Seeing women get a boost in confidence, while allowing their natural beauty to come through my work, became my true passion.

In 2017, I decided to move to the US from Brazil, to broaden my horizons. I attended several makeup and beauty schools, and decided to find new ways to enhance beauty by becoming a licensed esthetician.

Now, I feel more connected to my passion for enhancing people's beauty from the inside out. Because I know that their beauty already exists within - and my goal is to enhance what is already there.

I am really looking forward to working with you, and bringing out that beauty in YOU!